Website Maintenance Services: Ultimate Support for UK small businesses

Maintenance and support is our only passion

Tech Skilled has been providing small business with website maintenance for over 15 years. We have helped 1000+ small businesses maintain and growth their businesses online.

We have never come across an issue we have not been able to resolve so please use the links or drop down to find the solution your looking for from only £29.99 per fix.

What is your issues?

  1. Broken Links
  2. Contact form not sending email
  3. CSS Issues – Styling and Layout
  4. Hacked Malware Repair and Removal
  5. Migration – Moving to new Web host
  6. Mobile Responsiveness
  7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Google)
  8. SSL – Secure Server
  9. Website Speed
  10. WordPress
  11. Woocommerce

Website Maintenance - Fix Broken Links
Broken links come in 2 forms – outbound and inbound links. Outbound links are external links from your website to another website and inbound links are internal.

broken link example: links from you menu to pages of your website and that page does not exist and shows a 404 error.

Why is it important to fix broken links?

Broken links can harm your users experience and lead to higher [bounce rates] and low conversion rates. Google want to improve the users experience and broken links can have a negative impact on your SEO. So its always advisable to fix your websites [outbound broken links] and [inbound broken links].

The Fix

We remove broken links from your website by:

  1. Scan your entire website and highlighting any outbound and inbound broken links.
  2. Remove/fix or 301 redirect those broken links.
  3. External links – check if the website you was linking to has move its page, if so we change the outbound link, if the page doesnt exist on their website then remove the link.

What you get – We will give you an Excel spreadsheet of all broken links found and how we fixed them.
Time Frame – This depends on how quickly we can have access to your website, normally it take 1 day to fix the links.

2. Website contact form not sending email

Website Maintenance - Contact Form Email Fix

Are you not receiving contact form emails from your website?

Common Issues:

  • Email not been received
  • Email from throwing errors
  • Email going into spam folder

The Fix

Depending on inintial diagnosis we implement one of the following:

  • SMTP setup – email going into spam
  • SPF record domain setup – email going into spam
  • PHP Mail() Settings/Errors

What you get – A fix and detailed description of what we did for your records.

Time Frame – We normally get this fixed within a few hours, depending on the issue and if we need access to domain name settings.

3. CSS Issues – Styling and Layout

Website Maintenance - CSS Style Layout Edits
Common Issues:

  • Column alignment
  • Unwanted Space
  • Font Style and face
  • Text elements colours
  • Menu size and colours
  • Margins and padding
  • Mobile Issues – please go to 6. Mobile Responsiveness

The Fix

Tell us whats needs changing and allow us FTP access or if using WordPress admin login details and we can make the required changes, and check our changes don’t effect any other areas of your website.

What you get – The code we changed or added for your future reference.

Time Frame – Turn around depending on complexity of changes is around 1 day.

4. Hacked Malware Repair and Removal

Website Maintenance - Malware Removal

Malware is the bane of every business owner. It destroys user experience, and has an effect on your conversions and sales. Most importantly it causes Google to penalize your website and unless you fix the issue Google will view your website as Malware which will effect your search engine position and organic website traffic.

The Fix

  1. WordPress Malware Removal Process
  2. Full Website Backup
  3. Scan website files and folders
  4. Remove Malware
  5. Setup Google Webmaster Tools
  6. Inform Google Malware removed

What you get – We will setup Google Webmaster Tools if you already do not have it setup and inform Google that we have removed the Malware. We strictly follow Google’s Malware Removal Guidelines which can be found here.

Time frame – We aim to have the Malware removed with 12 hours of starting the process.

5. Website Migration to new host or domain

Website Maintenance - Website Migration
One of the biggest challenges for business owners is moving their website to another hosting platform. If not implemented correctly it can lead to loss of data and down time, resulting in loss of web presense and business.

Our team of developers have moved hundreds of websites, you do not have to worry about a thing. We can even recommend a new web hosting platform. Its good practice to implement the move before you cancel your old web hosting, this is recommended to reduce downtime.

Our Migration Checklist

The Fix

Our client sit back and relax without the worry of any unnecessary data loss all down time.

  1. Download files
  2. Backup Database
  3. Configure new hosting
  4. Transfer your files and database
  5. Configure and optimise new server
  6. Make sure the database is working
  7. Test front end website
  8. Switch domain name servers
  9. Cancel old hosting

What you get – We take care of the migration every step of the way using our website migration service techniques.

Time frame – The whole migration progress takes around a working day. Please note we have to switch your domains DNS to the new host which can take up to 24 hours to propogate across the internet.

6. Mobile Responsiveness

Website Maintenance - Mobile Responsiveness

Responsive Web design when the design and development of your website should respond to the user’s screen size, platform and orientation.

Mobile website visitors has grown since 2012 and according to in 2018 52.% of web pages served are to mobile phone.

We can back this up with all our clients data over the last 6 years. So it is very important to design and develop for website for all platforms (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile).

This is achieved by using CSS (cascading style sheets) with media queries.

Common Mobile Responsive Issues:

  • Navigation
  • Not accounting for device width
  • Button Sizes

What you get – We will send you details of CSS and file changes with the original backups files and the new files.

Time frame – Some fixes take 15 minutes but others are more complex but we will give you a rough time frame once you tell us you responsive issues.

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Website Maintenance - Seo Optimisation

Looking to increase your search engine visibility, more conversions and sales? Then simply click the below button for a FREE website audit! We will get back to you with a list of recommended changes and if you want us to implement them we can!

8. SSL – Secure Server

Website Maintenance - SSL Https

9. Website Speed Optimisation

Website Maintenance - Website Speed Optimisation
Major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing want to deliver fast content to their users. To do this they give more weight to websites which loads faster. Increasing website page speed increases page views and user activity. It will also improve your website search engine ranking and will lead to increased conversions and most important increased revenues.

We use a number of techniques to make your website run faster including:

    Page Speed Process:

  1. Implement Caching
  2. Optimise images, code, and scripts
  3. Reduce server time response
  4. Minify Javascript and CSS files
  5. Implement Google Mod Page Speed

The majority of our premium clients allocate a portion of their monthly time to optimise their website to ensure its running at maximum speed.

10. WordPress Maintenance

Website Maintenance - WordPress Maintenance
Our team of dedicated developers take care of your site to make sure every update is implemented to your requirements.

Content Updates:

  1. Adding, Changing or Removing pictures provided by you to your website
  2. Resizing your images or cropping them
  3. Adding, Changing or Removing links to your website
  4. Adding, Changing or Removing videos provided by you to your website
  5. Adding, Changing or Removing pdf files or documents to your website
  6. Updating contact information or other text on your website
  7. You can schedule in your changes at any time and we will implement them within 24 hours.

Due to the popular demand and 95% of our clients requiring this service we have a dedicated WordPress maintenance and support.

11. Woocommerce Maintenance

Website Maintenance - Woocommerce Maintenance

We have a main page dedicated to Woocommerce support and maintenance.