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Independant UK Website Hosting Recommendations 2017


Independant Web Hosting Recommendations

Working with clients website over an 18 year period it has enabled us to gain insider knowledge of all major hosting providers. There is not a hosting company we have not come across.

We have directly worked with hosting companies on behalf of our clients including troubleshooting issues, setting up websites, website speed, backups, emails.

There are 5 things we look for when working with hosting companies:

#2 What we DO worry about






#3 What we DONT worry about

DISCLAIMER: You may have read other website hosting recommendation articles conflicting the below, but the reason we do not consider the below is ALL the hosting companies discussed in this hosting guide cover the below.


    Restricting bandwidth is very old hat and how hosting companies squeezed extra cash from you. ALL the hosting companies discussed in this website hosting guide DONT restrict bandwidth.


    ALL major hosting companies ALLOW daily,monthly,database,core file backups.


    All clients we have dealt with ONLY require 1-2 databases, if your running 10 websites from one server this is a big no no in our eyes. ONE DATABASE is PLENTY.


    Some hosting companies place many website on the same IP address [shared hosting]. We ONLY every recommend clients have their OWN IP ADDRESS. This ensures faster response during periods of high traffic load and also beneficial for SEO.


    Hosting control panel is where you can administer the website, allowing you to manage Backups, FTP, Databases etc.. ALL hosting companies we recommend come with Control Panels. The most common is cPanel which some comes charge a monthly extra fee.


We can not STRESS enough the importance of choosing the right host for you business. We have had many clients looking to spend the minimum on hosting.

As soon as we recommend a monthly spend of £20-30 a month on web hosting the reactions we have had over the years is priceless.

Your hosting is your business shop front, you have to ask yourself would you expect to spend £5 a month on rent in a physical shop? If you are not willing to invest on hosting then there is no point in even trying to succeed online.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting involves a number of websites on the same server (computer). In our eyes the only advantage of shared hosting is its cheap and is the most popular option for small businesses, charities, bloggers, individuals. Its cheap due to sharing the computers (server) resources with all the other websites on the server.

How to tell if a website is on shared hosting

We can check if any website is on shared hosting by doing a reverse IP request. The result will show you how many websites sit on the shared host.

PROS of shared hosting


CONS of shared hosting


How much traffic on shared server

  • 1 – 20,000 visitor a month


Although we DO NOT recommend shared hosting to any of our clients if their budget is limited we will work with the host and maximise the server as much as we can. Also to note we do recommend shared hosting for people trying to get into webdesign or blogging.

VPS Hosting (cloud)

VPS stands for Virtual Private Hosting. A VPS is part of a computer which has thousands of processors and terabytes of RAM, you can purchase part of that computer for a price. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting its resources are dedicated to you.

VPS allows you to scale quickly if your website is growing without moving to a dedicated server. You have full control over the software and hardware on your VPS.

PROS of VPS hosting

  • Ability to scale when your website visitors increase with out moving to dedicated
  • Full control Root Access
  • Speed
  • Fraction of the cost of dedicated servers

CONS of VPA hosting

  • We dont see any as long as you scale when required

How much traffic on VPS server

  • 20,000 – 100,000 visitor a month


We recommend VPS hosting to all our clients who are either established or starting up. VPS bridges the gap between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS is not expensive in our eyes if you take your online presence seriously, starting around £20 a month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a single server (computer) which normally hosts a single website. All dedicated hosting comes with dedicated IP address and enables you to fine tune the server for fast page loading times. Dedicated hosting is not cheap starting from around £90 a month.

PROS of dedicated hosting

  • Extreme Speed
  • Full control over server
  • Dedicated IP address

CONS of dedicated hosting

  • Cost

How much traffic on dedicated server

  • 100,000 – 250,000 visitor per month – depending on power


Dedicated hosting is the required for any large scale websites, if your at the stage of requiring full control then dedicated hosting is for you. All major companies use dedicated hosting.

#6 Hosting Recommendations for you

We base all our recommendations on current visitors and client goals for their website. We DO NOT recommend shared hosting to any client unless they are students or bloggers starting out. All businesses require a VPS or Dedicated host.
All clients we have helped want their website to succeed and anticipate visitor growth, this is why we always recommend VPS hosting.

helping clients websites grow with Bluehost VPS

We have used Bluehost VPS Hosting to help our clients achieve massive visitor growth and helped them scale during the progress.

Bluehost VPS Features

  • Price: $29.99 or £24* currency conversion April 2017
  • Control Panel: cPanel
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Backups: Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • IP: Dedicated IP address
  • Support: Managed – 24/7
UK Hosting Recommendations VPS

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